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"Hey! So I've been consistently doing your program it's KILLER but also it's helping me SO much. I got an ACL surgery in the beginning of 2020 and it's been so hard to feel like I can actually lift again but your progam has helped me be consistent and more confident. It's also wonderful for my mental health, so overall I'm loving this program!! Thank you because I know you've put a lot of hard work into it."

Kate M

"HI I JUST WANNA SAY I ABSOULTLEY LOVE THE WORKOUTS YOU GIVE ON YOUR PROGRA!!! Like I've always struggled coming up with my own and trying to figure out what's the best split but these past two weeks I have never felt so good and I LOVEE THEM!! I have had a really hard time with my weight loss journey and I feel like this is really keeping me on track and helping me SO MUCH!!.."

Julia N

"Thank you so much for creating this program!! I've struggled with my weight/body image for s long and found weightlifting a few months ago and it re-motivated me. I've been doing it on my own and haven't been seeing the results I wanted and started to lose a little motivation because I couldn't figure out what moves to do. I'm 1.5 weeks into your prgram and I feel reinvigorated and so excited to get my workouts in. Every time I complete one I feel defeated in the absolute best way. Thank you so much for helping change my life."

Morgan R

"Your gym program is seriously a game changer I have never felt so productive during my workouts!..."

Gabby S

"Just finished day 1! Thank you so much for putting so much time into this program! The tutorials are so helpful and I feel like I got such a good pump! You killed it!"

Olivia M

"I just finished your week 2 quads and glutes and lord it killed me in the best way possible and I was kinda sad when it was over this is my first week with the program and it has branched me out to try new things at the gym and I love it and the pump all these workouts give you is amazing. I am feeling my strongest when I'm dont with these!"

Megan J


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